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Make Mine A Moxie

“spunk, hoo-ha, bravado, get up and go, sass”

Your art was the prettiest art of all the art.
16 February 1986
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ac360, acting silly, am phone calls, amy sedaris, anderson cooper, arrested development, art, art history, art supplies, artwork, being lazy and young, bisexuality, books, boston public garden, bradley whitford, bradley's, busing tables at longhorn, cambridgeside, car rides, celebrity gossip, child advocacy, chocolate, christmas, cnn, crappy tv shows, cvs trips, dance party, david sedaris, downtown crossing, drawing, drunk nights, early morning smiles, ed helms, exit 57, fall, family, fancy new me, fashion, feminism, fenway, flirting with boys&girls, food, freedom, friday pizza night, funny faces, gaydar, giggle fits, graphic design, green line love, happy accidents, hbo, heart to heart conversations, high times, hippie, holding hands, hugs, human rights, ica, ice cream, indie bullshit, inside jokes, internet, jon stewart, kismet, late lunches, laughing at myself, laying on the couch, lazy sundays, longhorn steakhouse, longwood food court, looking foolish, looking in galleries, lost in translation, love, made up words, marie antoinette, messy hair, mfa, movies, music, my darling roommate, nate corddry, new hampshire summers, news, nice&quiet dinners, old movies, painting, parties, paul dinello, peace, peeing at the ritz-carlton, people watching on newbury, photography, physical comedy, playing heiress, politics, pop culture, pop music, pour house, protests, public stupidity, radio, rainy days, random acts of kindness, rob corddry, scary movies, screen-printing, second city, shoes, shopping at the pru, singing in the car, skinny dipping, sleeping, smelly art kids, snow fights, sophia coppola, sorkin, starving artist, stephen colbert, strangers with candy, studio time, suffering for my art, t-rides, the colbert report, the daily show, the garment district, the office, theatre, tv nights, vh1, walks, west wing, writing